Beloved Ruki turned 2 today!

Beloved Ruki turned 2 today!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, friends!

We are facing a bad year-end in my state. Lots of rain and floods. Thousands of homeless people who lost their furniture, clothes, documents, money and food. 14 people have died so far. Still raining hard, raining over a week without interruption. But, we’ll reborn stronger and more united, because the spirit of solidarity touched us in a way never seen before.


" When I say, « You’re all gonna die!! Diie now!! Will you die with me? » I dont really mean it literally , my « Die » means « Do your best ! » I say « Die! » , but in my heart, what I really want to say is « Live ! » . I want to say « Do your best in life ! Live it! » "  ― Ruki